Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly


Pressurised installations and equipment

The security of pressurised equipment (apparatus, pressurised equipment, sets, piping, simple or transportable pressurised recipients) with a maximum permitted pressure in excess of 0.5 bar is de...Read more

Electrical installations

Under the legislation in place, regulatory inspections must be run, whether periodic or initial, on both high- and low-voltage electrical installations. The massive use of low-tension electrical...Read more

Gaseous fuel installations and apparatus

The conditions for the security and the schedule for the inspection of gaseous fuel installations and apparatus are put in place in Royal Decree No. 919/2006 of 28 July which approved the Technical...Read more

Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology is designed to confirm that the provisions applicable in relation to measurement instruments among other things are complied with, to guarantee the equitability of commercial transa...Read more

Thermal installations in buildings

Thermal installations in buildings must adhere to a schedule of regulated inspections not just relative to security but also with reference to their energy efficiency, with the aim of protecting...Read more

Refrigeration instalations

Inspection of the security conditions of refrigeration installations guarantees that they are in compliance with the conditions of constant temperature and hygiene which are required in industria...Read more

Oil installations

Installations for the storage of liquid oil products, whether storage facilities or installations for consumption of the products in the installation itself or for supply to vehicles, must undergo...Read more

Fire-Fighting installations

The main aim of fire-fighting installations in both industrial and non-industrial establishments is to ensure that, should they be necessary, they operate correctly. Precisely because they may ne...Read more

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