Energy Efficiency

Advice and tools for energy-saving


Energy Audit and Energy Diagnosis

  An energy audit comprises the inspection, study and analysis of the flows of energy in a building, industry, process or system, and is designed to demonstrate the dynamic energy of th...Read more

Technical Due Diligence of Buildings

On a property market like the current one which is constantly evolving, the technical appraisal of a building or project becomes essential as the basis for decision-making relative to a property, m...Read more

Energy studies and energy engineering

Eurocontrol offers its clients all the energy studies they are likely to require in accordance with their characteristics and necessities: 3D building modelling and simulation, lighting studies, en...Read more

Sustainability certifications

In a society which is increasingly aware of the need to take action to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings, there are such measures as BREEAM® and LEED® sustainability certif...Read more

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